La Polizia and P.

Never has anyone been so pleased to receive a parking fine as P.. Sheer delight flooded his face when he saw the ticket and heard that not only had a real, live policeman left it for us on our car but that we needed to go to find the real, live policemen in order to pay it. I think P. would be pretty delighted if we were pulled over for a road-side spot check; he is always the first to point out the carabinieri when we are out and about: “Look, Mummy – police car, on the roundabout! Look the man in the other car is getting out – and the policeman is talking to him!”. I can almost hear him wishing that we, too, were in that situation. For me, I am happy if my interaction with the polizia municipale remains confined to the odd parking ticket. So, when I announced last week that today was Fine Paying Thursday, P. dropped his Lego mid-build, dressed himself carefully in ‘Polizia colours’ – blue and white striped shorts and blue and white striped t-shirt, his ‘smart’ gladiator sandals and his cap, carried all the bags to the car, found his water bottle and cap and was ready to go! I fear the police station itself disappointed somewhat, but he did get to say ‘ciao, buon giornio’ to three real, live policemen (!), noting to me afterwards that ‘one of them was not very friendly, but one of them smiled at me!’ The closest we got to a photo was the flags outside the commune with the fleet of police cars outside and a proud P. in policeman blue looking on. For the time being, I’m content for this to suffice.


p comune



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